Michelle Spray

Michelle Spray graduated from Southern CT State University with a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communication and a minor in Graphic Design.

While gaining the courage to tell her scoliosis story that had been hidden in her diary, Michelle enjoyed painting, and spending time with her friends and family.  She also performed in plays, musicals, and concerts, and was a requested wedding vocalist throughout Connecticut and New York. At the time, she wrote whenever she had the inspiration to write, and that could have been children’s books, poetry, or songs.

That was BEFORE kids!

Since then, life happened … and will be the subject of a new site, new blog, and new book(s). Stay tuned! In the meantime, Michelle revised Growing Up with Scoliois with photos and answered the question that everyone wanted to know, namely … How are you doing now?

Michelle still says that growing up with scoliosis made her a stronger person, able to overcome many obstacles. She attributes getting through it to the help of her family and writing it all down in her diary. She’s a big advocate for writing down emotions and consistently lends encouragement to teens who want to write a book or blog about their #scoliosis journey.

She’s still glad she had the surgery (even all these years later), and equally proud to have rocked a wedding dress a second and last time down the aisle.
#LoveAfterDivorce is possible!

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About the Editor

Susan Pasternack is an editor and writer in Newton, Massachusetts. She edits a variety of works, but admits that scoliosis has become a topic of special interest. She has also edited two scoliosis books by Mary Mahony, There’s an ’S’ on my Back and What Can I Give You. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Susan can be reached via email at: spasternack@comcast.net