Hello! If you are reading this letter, you were most likely sent here because you are following me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/michellespray3)

Thank you for following me!

My Twitter account @MichelleSpray3 is linked up to the first book I wrote and self-published – Growing Up with Scoliosis (A Young Girl’s Story): www.havingscoliosis.com. This project is a labor of love!! I recently found out that teens are still reading this book and gaining comfort from it, so I was told I owe it to myself (and them) to get this book back in print.

With the help of pledges on kickstarter  http://kck.st/1e0rJKC, I was able to reach my goal to reprint this book and I’m working on an e-book as well as an audio version. I didn’t have these resources back in 2002 when I first released this book, so I’m very excited.

The second book I wrote and self-published and I’m in the process of marketed is: My ABCs, An ABC Book for Any Age. Although this is an ABC book, it is not your ordinary ABC book. I’ve been told that this is a great book and that I should market it to adult literacy programs as well. My new adorable website should help with that: www.myabcsbook.com. I also have an audio version of that where I’m narrating and singing a song about “Big Words” coming soon. Follow My ABCs book updates on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-ABCs-Book-by-Michelle-Spray-wwwmyabcsbookcom/546792198732158

The third book is a poetry and short story book.

I have a brand new Twitter account @SprayBooksEtc which will eventually be linked to all the other ideas I have.

 I’m currently in the process of writing 4 more books – 

 1. a sequel to my poetry book

 2. I’m 98% done writing and illustrating an adorable children’s book about how two angels discover the rainbow which should be set to release in the summer. ISO a publisher.

3. a children’s book about differences: ISO an illustrator and/or a publisher.

4. my first novel on Alzheimers – funny, timely, not sad because that’s already been done. I was my grandmother’s primary caregiver for six years from first diagnosis on, so I have stories.

Anyway, thanks for following me!
-Michelle Spray