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Growing Up with Scoliosis, a Fifth Grader’s Book Review

Non-fiction reading response by Maddy (a fifth grader)
Q: Would you recommend this book to someone else? What is it and why?

I would recommend Growing Up with Scoliosis: A Young Girl’s Story to someone else because it is really interesting. Michelle Spray describes growing up with scoliosis. She talks about her operation and how she lived with scoliosis. You can tell this from the title of the book Growing Up with Scoliosis: A Young Girl’s Story.

Another reason I would recommend this book is because it has a lot of her emotions and her feelings in it. This makes me want to read the book and it keeps me interested because I want to know how she feels. I know that it has her feelings in it because it said, “Some of them were really mean to me because they thought I had special “privileges” that they didn’t.” That sounds difficult to cope with.

The next reason I would recommend this book is because it can be funny and happy in places. Something bad happens then something hilarious happens right after that and it really cheers you up. I know this book is funny because in the text it said, “it was much easier for me to have my pants slip down so long as the brace is still covered by my big shirt.” I thought that line was really funny!

The last reason I would recommend this book is because it helps you to become open minded. By this I mean that it helps you realize what some people go through. I know that it helps people become open minded because in the text it said, “I was finally in seventh grade and some kids didn’t understand what I was going through.” This shows that some kids were not open minded.

These are all the reasons why I would recommend this book to a friend.


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“Bravo Michelle!! Your book has circulated in the thousands around the globe! You are such an inspiration to the scoliosis world and a beautiful person!  Keep up the great work and look forward to the audio and e-book version of
Growing Up with Scoliosis.”

-Debbie Ordes, President Global Scoliosis Foundation, Inc.
and Author of the Gift of Scoliosis (

HI! I’m so excited to announce that I have just purchased my brand new barcode and ISBN number for Growing Up with Scoliosis! I’m in touch with my printer and I’m making a few updates to the book. So we are on our way!

In other news, I’m 98% done writing and illustrating my children’s book about how two angels discover the rainbow. I’ve also recently been inspired to write a very touching poem about “differences” which will be another children’s book in the near future.

Thank you so much for your motivation, your inspiration AND your belief in me.


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Article Features CT Author Michelle Spray’s Scoliosis Kickstarter Campaign

With hours to go, Michelle Spray has exceeded her goal to get Growing Up with Scoliosis back into the hands of those who need it the most.

Coming Soon!

Growing Up with Scoliosis, Reprint Made Possible by Kickstarter Donations


THANK YOU Kickstarter donors for helping me reach my goal and making this book possible! 

I am pleased to report that Growing Up with Scoliosis (A Young Girl’s Story) will be available for purchase in the next month. At this time, the book is 112% funded (thank you) and I still have 3 DAYS to GO!

I’m Sooooo excited!

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Author to Revive #Scoliosis Book, Her Words Still Helping Teens Today


I’m proud to say that my kickstarter campaign (to raise funds to reprint my #scoliosis book and get it back into the hands of patients who need it) is going well! A labor of love, this book has already helped thousands of scoliosis patients throughout the world understand everything from first diagnosis of scoliosis (a progressive curvature of the spine) to brace treatment through surgery and recovery and beyond! Now it’s time to help the thousands more, especially those who are getting a back brace or having surgery right now.

So far, I’m 16% funded and I have 21 days to go! Thank you for cheering me on, forwarding, sharing, liking, retweeting, pledging and most of all encouraging me!




Book Continues to Help Emotional Aspects of Scoliosis

As soon as I started to get the word out about my book, I’m meeting a new person who is being helped by my words. Tina’s daughter is having her scoliosis surgery in 10 days at Mott Children’s Hospital Reading my book, she was able to go to her pre-op appointment prepared and confident.

Mom Tina writes on her blog: “Much of her positive outlook I attribute to her JUST finishing Michelle’s book – she really gained some confidence and insight as she saw what life can be like AFTER.  Thanks, again, Michelle, and thank-you to everyone who is praying for our precious girl!  We appreciate it so much!”

Good luck to Tina’s daughter and her family. You will do great! You will probably wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

-Michelle Spray Author of Growing Up with Scoliosis:

Entrepreneur Mom Provides Comfortable Undergarments for Scoliosis Brace Wearers

Check out this site: Tina is a mother of 2 Scoliosis patients and a wife to another.  She is an entrepreneur (, providing comfortable undergarments for patients who wear Scoliosis braces.  She also enjoys taking Martial Arts with her son, performing in Community Theater plays with her daughter and son, and singing and playing violin and piano in her Contemporary Christian band “His Own Devices”.

Tina has read and written a review for Growing Up with Scoliosis. 

Please read it on her blog;

Thank you Tina!


“Growing up with Scoliosis: A Young Girl’s Story,” by Michelle Spray, was such a pleasure to read.  I really like this book.  The story is interesting and well-written and makes for a nice, easy read for all ages.  This book is great for parents or young Scoliosis patients alike.  I read it in a few days and found that Michelle did an excellent job of taking a difficult time in her life, and putting a positive, lighthearted, and whimsical spin on it, through snippets and stories from her youth.  Some of the information is out-of-date, as surgical procedures and recovery times and situations have changed dramatically, but the stories and emotions she experienced while growing up are still very applicable to patients today.

I want to encourage everyone to consider giving this book to your Scoliosis patient this holiday season, and now you can also help Michelle make strides in bringing this beautiful book to you in ebook and audio formats by supporting her Kickstarter Campaign – Click here to see a video by Michelle and to view more details.  I hope you enjoy her stories as much as I did.