I wanted to share some other stories on Scoliosis that I found very helpful, inspiring, and informative. I hope you enjoy them!  – Michelle

book_TheresanSAuthor Mary Mahony’s Book, “There’s an “S” on My Back, “S” is For Scoliosis” is about Maisey MacGuire, a fifth grader, and her life which is much like that of any fifth grader until the day of her scoliosis screening. The book is available from Redding Press, www.reddingpress.com

 ISBN: 096588791X   $14.95


Debra Ordes former President of Scoliosis Association of Palm Harbor presents a video of some of the miracle cases that reached the Tampa Bay area… All Miracle Cases presented in this video shared one thing in common other than Scoliosis, a deep religious background. . .

The Gift of Scoliosis” video (below) showcases her journey with scoliosis of thirty five years and  illustrates the passions that created the ideal situation of helping others around the world.

You can get more information about Debra’s Book, The Gift Of Scoliosis (150 pages, Full Color, $24.95) by visiting www.thegiftofscoliosis.com

Sami’s Scoliosis Story – SHIFT Scoliosis
samiSami was diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was 11 years old. Four years after her initial diagnosis, had surgery on Septmeber 12, 2012 to fix her scoliosis. She started a blog so she could keep all of her friends and family updated and also so she can help others who are going through the same thing as she was… letting them know that they are not alone.

You can read her blog at http://samisscoliosisstory.wordpress.com/

You can visit her website at www.SHIFTscoliosis.org

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Tina is a mother of 2 Scoliosis patients and a wife to another. She is an entrepreneur (www.EmBracedInComfort.com), providing comfortable undergarments for patients who wear Scoliosis braces. She also enjoys taking Martial Arts with her son, performing in Community Theater plays with her daughter and son, and singing and playing violin and piano in her Contemporary Christian band “His Own Devices”.

Tina has read and written a review for Growing Up with Scoliosis.

Please read it on her blog; http://scoliosisfamilyadventures.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/growing-up-with-scoliosis-by-michelle-spray-a-book-review/