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“Growing up with Scoliosis: A Young Girl’s Story,” by Michelle Spray, was such a pleasure to read. I really like this book. The story is interesting and well-written and makes for a nice, easy read for all ages. This book is great for parents or young Scoliosis patients alike. I read it in a few days and found that Michelle did an excellent job of taking a difficult time in her life, and putting a positive, lighthearted, and whimsical spin on it, through snippets and stories from her youth. Some of the information is out-of-date, as surgical procedures and recovery times and situations have changed dramatically, but the stories and emotions she experienced while growing up are still very applicable to patients today.

I want to encourage everyone to consider giving this book to your Scoliosis patient this holiday season…I hope you enjoy her stories as much as I did.
Tina Beauvais, President, EmBraced In Comfort, LLC (comfortable undergarments for brace wearers)


Growing Up with Scoliosis is most certainly a wonderful story which takes you through days in the life of a young girl’s emotions and physical being while dealing with Scoliosis. As a young girl myself growing up with Scoliosis, I enjoyed reading this story. I could relate to many of the author’s trials and tribulations that she details so throughly in this book. Her positive outlook, words of wisdom and motivation are truly inspirational!
– Debra Ordes, Author of The Gift of Scoliosis, A Book of Hope http://www.thegiftofscoliosis.com


School Library Journal, Grade 5 Up — Spray’s adolescence was a study in scoliosis. Now a beautiful, young college grad with multiple talents, a straight back, and a normal body shape, she is in a perfect position to have written this upbeat and uplifting memoir. Diagnosed during a fifth-grade screening, Michelle reacted with predictable anger, denial, and resentment. As she grew, the curve-despite increasingly intense forms of bracing-worsened, and she eventually had to undergo a complex spinal fusion. Her emotions and frustrations ran rampant, from rebellion to resolve, from determination to fury. She tells her story eloquently, and readers will feel empathy without ever feeling pity. Since her case encompasses nearly every procedure used in scoliosis treatment, this book is a terrific resource for those who want to understand the condition and an excellent companion to the more academic “coping with-” titles. It also has clear black-and-white drawings, inspiring “after” photos, practical recommendations, and even a “word search” puzzle.
– Mary R. Hofmann, Rivera Middle School, Merced, CA


Michelle Spray started a diary to record her feelings when she was diagnosed with scoliosis in the fifth grade. The diary continued through her brace therapy to a spinal fusion done in the summer of her junior year of high school. The entries relate not only Michelle’s feelings but also those of her parents and siblings. The last part tells of her elation at the success of her back surgery. To be diagnosed with scoliosis and watch the progression clearly is horrendous; but this little book will give courage to anyone with scoliosis and should be in every school library.
– Barbara Jo McKee, printed in KLIATT Magazine


This young girl’s informative narrative reveals her medical and emotional triumph over a potentially crippling condition. Michelle’s story is deeply moving and candid. An absolute must for teens and their families.
– Thomas and Madeleine Kohl, Secondary and Elementary School Educators


Growing Up with Scoliosis – This is an inspirational, factual account by the author, on how she lived with and overcame her disability, during the most formative years of her life. One can only imagine the courage it took to relive her experiences, by committing them to paper, so that others would benefit. The images she creates makes the reader a silent partner in her initial discovery, extensive treatment and ultimate victory. Anyone who has scoliosis, or knows such a victim, indeed anyone with a long term illness will gain insight and hope from the experiences and emotions gleaned from the author’s diary. The resulting book and the outcome are both sheer joy!”
– Stan Gorzelany


Growing up with Scoliosis is simply a wonderful book. I was prompted to read this book because I know Michelle personally. Once I started to read this wonderful little ‘gem’ I became quickly ‘caught up’ in Michelle’s story. The story took on a different meaning for me as I sat spellbound by all I was reading and learning about her strength and strong determination. If felt as if I was right there with her watching the entire time. I kept thinking ‘How did she do it?’ ‘How did she manage to get through all of this?’ I was totally overwhelmed by this book.This book is simply stated and easy to read. I enjoyed it tremendously. I would recommend it to everyone.
– Edna Itoka


The author’s positive attitude was fantastic. The way she dealt with her situation is the way everyone should approach the “curves” that life throws their way. I think this book will really help people.
– John Stoltenhoff


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